Home Theater Design & Installation

Sit back, dim the lights, and let the credits roll.

Experience the awe-inspiring, fully immersive home theater experience you’ve been dreaming of. This home theater experience doesn’t come pre-packaged in a box – it is tailored to you, your family, and your home. When we design your home theater system, we want to get to know you – what your favorite movies are, how old your kids are, where the room itself is, where the windows are, where the dog likes to sit – we want the details! We will work closely with you to design the home theater experience that fits your home and your life, whether it’s tastefully integrated into an intimate family room, or decked out in an authentic Hollywood-style screening room complete with theater seating and popcorn machine.

The Basics

Our passionate and knowledgabe team work with you to ensure what can’t be done get’s done — beautifully.
No shortcuts, no exceptions. That’s why we abide by 3 rules for every single project:

Your Vision, Your Theater


Before you let us into your house, let us into your head. At your free consultation we’ll talk not only products and pricing, but who you are, what you like, and what your dream home theater is.

More Than Just Gadgets


An excellent screen and sound system are necessary places to start, but there’s more to a great home theater experience than just tech. Our team will talk acoustic treatments, seating, and more.

Your Tech, Your Rules


Once we’ve installed your system, we’ll ensure that everything is programmed for your own preferences, and we won’t leave until you’re comfortable using every piece of equipment in your home theater.

Partners and Brands

We work hard to follow the industry leaders for the various elements of home theater.  We have partnered with the top brands to offer the best products to meet all our customer’s various needs.  We are licensed dealers of some of the best products in the industry.  Contact us about purchasing any products from our partners.

Contact us for a full list of all the partners and brands we carry and work with.

Seeing Is Believing

We have done dozens of project for clients over the years, ranging from fully custom home theater rooms, to media rooms, to whole home audio & video and much more.  Have a look at some of our projects and see what our clients said about their experiences with Mythic Home Theater and what they think about the finished results.

If you are looking for building a home theater from the ground up, hanging a new flatscreen TV or looking for the best in outdoor entertainment or home automation, we have the expertise to help ensure you get the best solutions to meet your needs.

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Enhance your home with an audio and video experience that is truly unparalleled in quality and style.

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