The Mythic Difference

Our Mission

Mythic Home Theater was founded with the mission of delivering a home theater design, install, and support that eclipses all others. From consultation to delivery and beyond, our team's mission is always to deliver nothing less than the best in customer service, and nothing less than the pinnacle of home audio and video experiences. Mythic Home Theater's founder, Joe Steggs is a graduate of Cornerstone University in Michigan where he studied sound design and video editing, and after working in retail home theater sales and installation, he discovered that the industry, and the customers, deserved something better.

So, when Joe moved to Phoenix, instead of seeking out another retail home theater position, he chose to take his passion and make something of it - thus was Mythic Home Theater founded. Using his expertise, his passion, and his knowledge, Joe has constructed Mythic Home Theater today to be a home audio, video, and automation company that rivals all others, Every one of Mythic's projects begins with the goal of not only delivering stellar results with excellent products, but to truly place the customers first, and bringing the latest and most innovative technologies into the home in a way that is intuitive, accessible, and easy for anyone to use

Mythic Home Theater is an incredible company run by one of the most honorable men you could meet. Joe and his crew are truly professionals who care about their customer. Every customer we have sent to Mythic Home Theater has had nothing but great things to say. Highly recommend this company.

Rick A.

Our Vision

Our vision at Mythic Home Theater is for every home to be a robust, responsive, immersive entertainment environment offering music, movies, and comfort at the press of a button. No matter what your needs, your space, or your budget, our goal is always to help you identify and install the right products to enhance your home and integrate with your lifestyle. Mythic's team offers a wealth of high-quality products coupled with our own passion and expertise, bringing you a comprehensive approach to enhancing your home.

One visit to our world-class showroom will enable our customers to experience all that Mythic Home Theater has to offer, including the expansive selection of top-of-the-line home theater systems, beautiful home audio systems, and complete home automation solutions. While you visit, our expert team will explain every detail and demonstrate the products in an environment that we've carefully crafted to approximate a typical home install. Moreover, we aren't interested in merely showing off the excellent products we carry, but explaining in detail how each component will be integrated seamlessly with your home and your life.

I highly recommend Mythic Home Theater for all your Home Theater needs. I give it a Five Stars +.  Joe and Patterson mounted a 70″ over a travertine fireplace, all equipment is in a closet and controlled with a single remote. All concealed and very neat.

Very knowledgeable and professional team on all Home Theater aspects including scheduling, estimates, mounts, audio, video, you name it!!!

Manuel R. | Scottsdale AZ

Our Values

Mythic Home Theater is truly a family business. Not only will you work with our founder Joe Steggs, but you'll also work with Joe's mother Beverly for scheduling, When you interact with Mythic on social media, you're interacting with Joe's wife, Chantal. Even your installation team could include Joe's best friend Patterson, who is also our General Manager, and Joe's Brother-In-Law Drew, our installation tech, and self-proclaimed "Certified Attic Ninja Warrior."

Joe left the world of retail home theater installs in part to get away from impersonal customer service, faceless support after the install, and installations performed by contractors of unpredictable quality. For a home theater system to be truly great, it has to be seamlessly integrated into your home and your life, and in order to deliver that caliber of result every time, the team delivering the home theater needs to be as integrated and dedicated as your system itself. We take great pride in our work as home theater experts and work hard to develop a real relationship with our customers, so you can rest assured that when you work with Mythic Home Theater, you're working with a family who knows you - every step of the way.

Enhance your home with an audio and video experience that is truly unparalleled in quality and style.

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