Homeowners are reaping the benefits of home automation, why don’t you?

Enhance your home with the convenience of controlling your lighting, appliances, heating/cooling and security at the touch of a button. 

Mythic Home Theater’s home automation systems can help you connect to your home in ways you never thought possible. Control anything in your home from wherever you happen to be – from lights to window shades, from the thermostat to door locks, and yes, that includes control over your home theater and home audio systems. Our home automation systems operate over a powerful WiFi signal for responsive control anywhere, inside or out. Your smartphone or tablet just became your connection to every system in your home – a personalized control portal that lets you engage with your home like never before. Mythic Home Theater offers comfort , convenience, security, and connectedness in a single, integrated system.

So what are some of the benefits of home automation you may ask?

  1. Energy Efficiency: You can control the temperature of your home and the system can help learn your habits and can adjust the system accordingly.
  2. Security: Worries the kids didn’t lock the door before they went to school, no worries, with a touch of the button you can secure your home and much more.
  3. Savings: Home automation can really pay off too. When you can control things like appliances in your home, you turn things on only when needed. This will show up as cost savings on your next energy bill.
  4. Convenience: Have you ever had a neighbor keep an eye on your house when you are out of town? That isn’t needed any more as you can turn on lights with the touch of a button, giving the appearance you are right at home.
  5. Comfort: Ever leave the house when it’s nice and cool, and the weather man got the forecast wrong? Now you don’t have to come home to a hot home buy just changing the temperature with your mobile app.

We are the Valley’s Home Automation Experts.  Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our customers have to say.


“I highly recommend Mythic Home Theater for all your Home Automation needs. I give it a Five Stars +.  Very knowledgeable and professional team on all Home Automation aspects including scheduling, estimates, mounts, solutions, manufacturers, you name it!!!

Manual R.

“Joe and the team at Mythic were great throughout the whole process. I had plenty of choices for how I wanted to configure my system. We worked out the type of system I wanted and picked out all the gear and equipment.”

“The whole system they set up is truly amazing, and our family has been enjoying the convenience of doing many simple tasks with the sound of our voice. Thanks Mythic, this has been something I have wanted for years, and it exceeds my hopes and expectations!”

Larry S.

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