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There is almost nothing better than settling in for a movie night with the latest new release you have been waiting for.  Regardless if you movie genre is action, drama, romance or comedy, there is something great about seeing it on the big screen in your home with the full experience of a surround sound system.  Check out these inspiring home theaters that offer something for everyone.  Whether you like a contemporary, traditional or cozy and plush, this list is sure to have something for you.


#1. Lush masculine feel with dark colors and sleek lighting. The plush theater seating seems inviting for the whole family. (Credit Zillow)


#2. Bright and clean design with a nice cozy feel. Your popcorn is waiting for you in the corner as well. (Credit Zillow)


#3. This theater has a classic feel, with the red accents and matching red leather theater seating. (Credit Zillow)


#4. Sleek modern style with a clean color palette is what makes this home theater really pop. (Credit Zillow)


#5. This bright and simple media room is perfect to get cozy with your honey and watch some classic old Westerns.  (Credit Zillow)


#6. This home theater game room combo is the perfect entertaining space. Great seating for watching movies, and a fun area for games afterwards. (Credit Zillow)


#7. This contemporary media room has a great in-wall surround sound system with comfortable seating too. (Credit Zillow)


#8. This home theater has nice sound panels with great wood work on the columns and trim.  The dark spotted carpet and black leather seats pull it all together. (Credit Zillow)


#9. This elegant and inviting home theater has a great blend of lights and darks with the seating, carpet and trim work. (Credit Zillow)


#10. With the star ceiling and the blue color palette, this home theater has a little something for everyone’s style. (Credit Zillow)


#11. This Home theater is simple and cozy, with the plush recliners and the velvet curtain. (Credit Zillow)


#12. The giant screen in this home theater is sure to let the audience get into all the action of the movies. (Credit Zillow)

#13. This timeless theater has clean lines and dark accents to ensure perfect movie viewing when the lights go down. (Credit Zillow)


#14. This upstairs bonus room was converted into a modern screening room perfect for movie nights with the family. (Credit Zillow)


#15. With a modern style, this home theater has sleek lines with plenty of room for everyone on movie night. (Credit Zillow)


#16. This home theater has a classic style with real charm, which is perfect for your favorite movie. (Credit Zillow)


#17. This theater even has a ticket booth at it’s entrance and a casual feel inside, with the long couch and plush bean bag chairs. (Credit Zillow)


#18. This home theater is elegant and stylish, with the color palette, the patterns and even the texture of the sound proofing panels on the walls. (Credit Zillow)


#19.  This theater is tucked away in the lower level of this ultra modern house.  The wine cellar is in the perfect location if you enjoy a glass of chardonnay while watching the latest movie.  (Credit Zillow)


#20. This theater has a log cabin feel to it, since it is in a $1.5M log cabin in the mountains of Arizona. (Credit Zillow)


#21. The detail in the ceiling of this home theater is impressive.  It balances the rest of the elegant design of the room. (Credit Zillow)


#22. The simple style of this home theater is complimented by the beautiful wood trim lining the room. (Credit Zillow)


#23. The balance of the boldly patterned wallpaper with the soft touch of the theater seating really makes this home theater a beautiful place to enjoy movie night. (Credit Zillow)


#24. With a fully stocked bar, and plenty of seating, this home theater is the life of any movie party. (Credit Zillow)


#25. With three rows of seating, a star ceiling and modern design, this home theater is a great place to watch movies with family and friends. (Credit Zillow)


#26. Large media room with various seating options makes this a great place to watch sports or movies. (Credit Zillow)


#27. With lush seating, dark wall treatments and the star ceiling, this home theater is all ready for you to bring the popcorn for movie night. (Credit Zillow)

#28. The split theater seating and dark trim makes this a great home theater man cave. (Credit Zillow)


#29. A mix of a classic theater with modern trim, this theater bring the old into the new. (Credit Zillow)


#30. This home theater doubles as a driving range, so you can practice your golf game. (Credit Zillow)

#31. Modern and elegant home theater with beautiful wood trim and detailed ceiling. (Credit Zillow)


#32. The modern and contemporary style and feel of this home theater blends well with the dark wall and floor and blush white theater seating (Credit Zillow)


With so many examples, you can see with some help from the team at Mythic Home Theater, we can help you achieve the vision you are looking for in your home theater.  Let us know which home theater was your favorite in the comments section.

Don’t forget to contact us for your free in home consultation to see how the team at Mythic can give you the home theater experience you have been dreaming of.

Enhance your home with an audio and video experience that is truly unparalleled in quality and style.

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